Time-Limited Therapy

Beginning in 2023, I offer only time-limited psychotherapy.  Brief, time-limited therapy hones the therapy process. For the duration of my 30 years as a therapist, I have worked in short- and long-term psychotherapy modes. Now I am offering only short-term, sometimes called brief or time-limited therapy. Psychodynamic theories have always been the foundation for the psychotherapy I offer. My studies and practice in somatic theories and therapy also inform my psychotherapy practice (see Background).  


There is much research and literature on brief therapies.  Two factors that are emphasized  are time and focus.  In time-limited therapy, we use the initial session to summarize the areas of difficulty and then to choose a single, specific focus based on your priorities. As with all therapies, there is a beginning, middle and end phase of therapy. During these phases we deal with obstacles to well-being within the area of focus, working through feelings related to the focus, and finally consolidation of new insights, respectively.


With each therapy client, I contract for a maximum number of sessions. It has been found, and it is my experience, that setting the number of appointments and narrowing the focus expedites progress toward new, positive ways of living.


In the last of our agreed-upon sessions, we discuss what would be the next best step to take: another set of appointments in a new focus area; a referral to another therapist for an ongoing therapy; or ending therapy.


Not all people come to therapy with issues that are suited for brief therapy. Some therapy clients prefer to have, or benefit from an ongoing therapy relationship. This is something we determine together in the initial session. 


Please feel free to contact me through the contact page for a free phone consultation to see if this form of therapy is right for you.