"Cherish the moments you have to learn from - and with - Nancy Reder. As a mentor and teacher, she is the perfect combination of gentle and direct, wise and curious. When working with Nancy, I experience her depth of compassion, and her profundity of wisdom. She knows how to listen to her clients on many "levels," and using many lenses, leading to an unmatched truth and clarity within oneself as a practitioner."

~ Kara Veigas, MSW, Washington, DC

"I have known Nancy for many years, first from the perspective of a student in the ISTDP training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry, and then as a colleague with whom I had done peer supervision. Of Nancy's many great qualities as a teacher, supervisor, and clinician, what stands out most is her breadth of knowledge across many different therapy models and theoretical orientations. She is a fierce learner with many years of training in a wide variety of orientations. This lends to her great ability to view clinical information from multiple perspectives avoiding dogmatic thinking often present in the field."
Jack N. Tawil, MSW, LCSW-C
, Annapolis Psychotherapy

"Consulting with Nancy continues to be a personal and professional growth experience. In
discussing cases and clinical issues, Nancy draws on a breadth of knowledge steeped in
psychodynamic theory, trauma theory, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, dance and Zen Buddhism.
Please know my list of her knowledge base is not complete. She is a natural teacher and is
able to make deep connections from all areas of her study to inform her insight on clinical
issues. This has been so helpful to my practice.
What I did not expect, was my experience of Nancy. Her fine attunement to me as a person
while in consultation allows me to better understand myself as a therapist in the room, and a
person in the world. Her listening is fine-tuned and sharp. Noticing for you, patterns of thought
or movement you did not notice, but brings such rich meaning and insight. Her way has a
gentleness and safety to consulting that allows one, to look at themselves and see the role they
may be playing in a therapeutic relationship with the client. This has been a gift."
Marianne G.M. Heilferty, LCSW, Falls Church, VA

"Nancy is  a dedicated and exceptionally skilled therapist, teacher and consultant.  She puts her heart and soul into her work and I have learned more than I can say from her.  While her vitae shows her commitment to training, serious and deep study, and growing, what I value most about Nancy is her ability to be totally present in her relationships.  She meets clients where they are and senses their “next step” in learning.   She exudes wisdom and the perspective that comes with being in the field a long time. I have been in a consultation group with Nancy for over nine years and have sought her consultation many times. A consummate professional, her warmth, excellent boundaries and quick wit enable her to connect with clients easily. I count her as one of the most talented, humble and dedicated therapists/consultants I have ever worked with…I hope you will seek her consultation and experience the amazing gifts she brings to the field and the gift that she is to those who know her well."
Diane M. Hoekstra, PhD, Fairfax, VA